At Raj Hospital, the dental care treatment in ranchi, we provide our patients with a perfect smile, the smile they have wished for with the best dental care treatment in Ranchi.

dental care treatment in ranchi

We offer various services to give you the smile you desire. Our dental care treatment in Ranchi includes teeth whitening, fixing broken, chipped teeth, dental veneers or crowns, Invisalign, and a complete smile makeover as well!

Have you ever asked yourself what the 'ideal' smile is? You can find different links if you google it, including advice on your teeth alignment. Are you out there trying to figure out what the 'right' smile is, and is a visit to the cosmetic dentist the solution? If you're addressing a few minor problems with your teeth' appearance or finding your smile to be a complete makeover. Choosing the right dentist is vital, as cosmetic dentists have a lot of choices. At our hospital, which is the best dental hospital in Ranchi, we have the best options for you.

Teeth Whitening:

Whenever you clean and floss your teeth daily, such foods as coffee, tea, and red wine leave a mark on your teeth. With advanced zoom whitening, you can cure tooth discoloration in less than half an hour. You can get lighter than your color by as many as 2 to 3 shades. It is safe and completely non-invasive. It is one of the best/painless cosmetic treatments available. Side effects- The teeth may be sensitive, and after the treatment, some measures must be taken. But, all of this only lasts for 24 hours.

When a person faces the issue of missing teeth, they have a lot of questions. Nobody wants to walk around with missing teeth, so how can they be replaced?

Our dentists at the best dental hospital in Ranchi suggest that getting a fixed dental prosthesis is one of the best decisions you can make. They are permanently attached, ensuring that the patient will not remove them; they bond to natural teeth or artificial roots. The most commonly used dental prosthesis, as means of restoration in dentistry, are crowns and bridges. Let us further discuss them!

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Dental Veneers / Crowns:

In some instances, dental veneers are the alternative to teeth whitening and composite bonding. It is an outstanding technique where porcelain veneers are attached to the teeth to restore them. Long-lasting side effects-do does not last long.

So we prefer the zirconia crowns. They fully cap your teeth, giving you a completely new natural look with ten years of stability and warranty. In layman's words, crowns are often referred to as "caps," serving to cover or encircle entirely for the defense of either root canal treated teeth or essential teeth or dental implant. Significant amounts of teeth are now drilled away in root canal procedures or extensive dental reconstruction. Placing dental crowns on the remaining tooth structure would provide strength and prevent fracturing of the tooth. It also helps the tooth to return to normal aesthetics and function. At the best dental hospital in Gurgaon, you can get your crown treatment done at a very affordable price.

Working: A crown may be used to enhance its appearance, form, or orientation, in addition to reinforcing a damaged tooth. To have a tooth-like appearance and structure for operation, a crown may also be mounted on top of an implant. The color of your natural teeth may be matched by porcelain or ceramic crowns. Gold and metal alloys, acrylic, and ceramic are also other materials.

Fixing Crooked Chipped Teeth

It is one of the dental procedures that are most prevalent. This includes composite bonding that is non-invasive and usable in all colors and colors. At Dentem, we first pick the shade that suits your teeth and then build up to maintain and restore with composite material like your teeth' enamel to achieve the natural look. Side effects-they don't last long.


Since its introduction into dentistry, invisible braces or invisible braces have revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. Compared to standard metal braces, Invisalign is gaining more popularity for fixing misaligned teeth. This serves both the function of the malaligned teeth correction and is made of simple, transparent material; it is not noticeable to anyone, so it satisfies the patient's esthetic needs during the treatment time. Patients who don't wish to wear bulky metal braces at their job or in front of their peers are gaining more significant popularity. Patient satisfaction improves when their mouth does not have metal braces or wire, and patients will remove the aligner while they want to eat and enjoy the food.

dental care treatment in ranchi>

Smile Makeover:

The makeover of a smile is a very sophisticated combination of all the above methods. Full mouth reconstruction is needed. We at Dentem are very specific as it is a specialist procedure. Not everybody wants this, so before taking up the case, case selection, oral health condition, and patient requirements are considered. Both pros and cons are presented, but once the issue is taken up, we're confident the patient will walk out with a lovely, healthy smile. It can do wonders for those who smile. You can also ask for fuller lips and cheeks in addition to that.


If you lack one or more teeth, dentists recommend a bridge. Gaps left by missing teeth inevitably lead to a rotation or move of the remaining teeth into the empty spaces, resulting in an extremely bad bite. This can cause improper occlusion (called bite in layman terms), which can ultimately lead to worn-out teeth and gum problems in severe temporomandibular joint disorder cases. The bridge serves as a reconstruction to fill the holes left by missing teeth. As discussed earlier, the bridge's replacement teeth would be better suited to missing teeth in function and esthetics and avoid complications resulting from missing teeth. You can contact dentists at Raj Hospital, where you will get the best dental hospital in ranchi

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The natural teeth or implants covering the space are cemented with bridges. These teeth, called abutments, act as bridge anchors. On the crowns that cover the abutments, a replacement tooth is attached, called a pontic. As with crowns, for bridges, you have a variety of materials. Based on the missing tooth (or teeth) location, its purpose, aesthetic considerations, and cost, your dentist will help you determine which to use. The color of your natural teeth may be matched by porcelain or ceramic bridges.

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